Centrelink Satisfaction Survey

Posted by Lloyd on October 27, 2011

Centrelink is conducting a Satisfaction Survey to get the views of the disability service sector about their working relationship with local Centrelink office/offices. Centrelink wants to ensure that, before the implementation of the Welfare To Work changes in July, local Centrelink offices have in place good working relationships with their local providers who work with customers with disabilities.

Centrelink have asked this survey be distributed broadly across the disability sector. Centrelink would appreciate you completing the survey yourselves and sending it to on to other disability organisations within your own memberships.

The survey seeks information about overall satisfaction, as well as satisfaction with specific aspects of the working relationship including the working arrangements that are in place, the referrals, the helpfulness of staff, the information provided to organisations and the arrangements for meetings.

Centrelink will use the information both nationally and locally to identify opportunities to improve their interactions with disability organisations. They will also provide information about the results and how they were used.

Attached is a letter explaining the survey and the survey itself.

Please note that the survey needs to be returned to Centrelink’s National Office before 19 April 2006.

Details of how to return the survey are included in the letter and the survey.

Acknowledgement and thank you to Collette from AFDO for passing through this information.

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