Causation. Part 4

Posted by Lloyd on May 18, 2012
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To every primary action of a remedy there is an equal and opposite secondary reaction of the vital force. If a person’s disease state produces warmth, and the homeopath gives a warm remedy, the secondary action of the vital force will produce coolness to bring homeostasis. This is the basis of the homeopathic laws of cure.remedy If the constitution is suffering from heat, and it receives a primary impression of heat and coldness, the reaction of the vital force becomes confused as it cannot clearly oppose anything. What can the constitution do when it is given contradictory stimulations through several remedies that do not have similar symptoms? The outcome is often suppression, antagonistic secondary reactions and prolonged aggravations.

To understand the subject of how different medicinal influences affect the vital force, one should study the aphorisms of The Organon dealing with how remedies work (Aphorisms 25 to 30), the action of similar and dis-similar medicine (Aphorisms 31 to 60) and the nature of primary and secondary effects (Aphorisms 63 to 69). The are also several paragraphs in The Chronic Diseases that deal with similar subjects. The reader is referred to these works for a fuller explanation. These observations originally recorded by Hahnemann have been confirmed by several generations of carefully observing homeopaths over the last century and a half.

One of the greatest oversights in ST is the lack of understanding of the supremacy of the constitutional factors over both aetiology and symptoms. It is the individual’s innate constitution and temperament that gives form to experience and produces full expression. This demonstrates to the careful homeopath which remedy reflects the personal experience of fear/grief/ humiliation and other such states. The same applies to physical causations such as drugs and medicinal procedures which is another area in which the practitioners of ST like to combine remedies. Individualization is superior to routinism because it always takes into account “who” is suffering from “what” and “how” whereas in ST they only look at “what.”

In ST, the doctrine of major and minor causation seems to be overlooked. The vital force only needs enough primary action of the remedy to start the healing process within the constitution. Once the secondary healing reaction of the vital force is initiated it can remove more then one syndrome at a time. A homeopath may not need to treat every cause separately as if they are happening to different people. There is also another aspect of the doctrine of the minimal dose, and that is minimal intervention. In ST, the combination remedies are used in very high potencies such as 200, 1M and 10M. The actions of such deep acting mixtures is almost impossible to judge or control once the remedy has been given. This brings us to another area where ST and traditional Homeopathy differ, i.e. posology.

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