Causation. Part 3

Posted by Lloyd on May 18, 2012
Alternative Medicine

Let’s look at some of the suggested use of polypharmacy in ST. If a person has suffered an emotional trauma which involved fear, grief, and humiliation, the sequential therapist would give Opium, Natrum muraticum and Staphysagria all at the same time. This lacks homeopathic logic, as many remedies have all three of these mental components within their constitutional expressions. Some individuals have ten or more components involved in a trauma. Are we then to give ten remedies? To separate the components that make up a psychological trauma as if they are separate entities is very reductionist as the structure of the psyche is integrative in nature.

The claim by ST that a single remedy will not work or will only cause aggravation in a trauma with multiple emotions can not be supported by the facts. Homeopaths have thousands of cases where complex emotional states induced by a single trauma were completely removed rapidly and gently by a well chosen remedy that suited the totality of the case. It seems that in ST there is very little grasp of the sophisticated nature of the totality of the symptoms which includes both the cause and its effects. This is one of the weakest points raised by those who follow a one-sided view of the superiority of aetiology over symptomatology.

A therapist who uses combinations does not understand the reasons for the classical maxim; the single remedy. The exposure of the vital force to the primary action of one substance allows the constitution to focus its total energy potential in one grand secondary reaction. Combination medicines force the constitution to react to several primary actions simultaneously, thus spreading the vital energy in several different directions at once. This diffuses the dynamic response, and in some cases, confuses the vital force as many remedies have contrary medicinal effects. This confusion is heightened, for example, when a combination contains one remedy which is hot in nature and another which is cold.

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