Causation. Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on May 18, 2012
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The Routine Use of Specifics by Causation

Homeopathy pays special attention to causation when analyzing a case history. Nevertheless the routine use of remedies with a one-sided view of causation can be extremely limited in its scope. Without the careful individualization of the signs and symptoms, homeopathy is bound to fall into routinism in the name of simplicity of application. For example, the routine use of Natrum muraticum in ST as a specific remedy solely on the aetiology of “grief” is reductionist in its view compared to the traditional methods. Homeopathic psychology goes so much deeper than such elementary notions because it looks primarily at “who” is suffering from the grief and “how.”
The rubric for “ailments from grief” contains so many other equally important remedies such as Aur., Carc., Caust., Coccus., Ign., Lach., Nux-v., Ph-ac., Phos., Staph., to mention only a few. The differentiating factors are made by the nature of the expression of the grief through constitutional signs and symptoms. All of these remedies manifest different reactions to the same causation because of uniqueness of the individual mind-body complex. A person who needs Aurum does not look, feel, nor act the same as a person who needs Natrum muraticum, Phosphoric acid or Lachesis. Each of the remedies has the specific causations and can remove the related complaints. A one-sided aetiological rubric is far too limited without the use of concomitant symptoms to complete the totality.

Combination Remedies

This brings us to the next important difference between Homeopathy and Sequential Therapy, the use of polypharmacy by aetiology. In ST it is claimed that if there are multiple causations at the same time, the practitioner may use homeopathic remedies in combination. Those who use combination remedies often try to equate Hahnemann’s alternation of remedies as proof he practiced polypharmacy. This view is certainly untrue, as Hahnemann always taught the use of only one single remedy at a time even though he sometimes alternated two remedies within a 24 hour period. That this somehow paves the way for the use of two, three, or four, or more remedies at the same time chosen by multiple aetiologies is unfounded. The approach of ST is not similar in theory or practice to the methods of traditional homeopathy, and therefore, must be assessed on its own merits.

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