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Posted by Lloyd on May 18, 2012
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Sequential Therapy as Homeopathy Renewed

Causation vs. Symptomatology

One of the first premises of Sequential Theraetiologyapy (ST) is that aetiology is superior to symptomatology. In a sense this is true, as if there is no causation (aetiology) there will be no effects (signs and symptoms). Nevertheless, to separate action (cause) and reaction (symptoms) in practice is not useful as they form two halves which make up a complete whole. Although the relationship between a specific aetiology and the symptoms may not always be apparent, in most cases the causation points to the symptoms and the symptoms point to the causation. Classical homeopathy reflects a perfect balance between three critical aspects, the constitution, aetiology and symptomatology.

One of the advantages of homeopathy over orthodox medicine is the fact that the aetiology does not always have to be known in order to treat a case. Of course, it is always better to understand the aetiology, as it gives much more insight, but true causation is not always that apparent. In some cases the aetiology is clear but the symptom picture is more confused. In such a circumstance, the aetiology must be given more consideration. With the variations seen in clinical practice, the homeopath needs a system of flexible response which can adapt to the nature of the information presented.

Hahnemannian homeopathy offers several methods of approaching the cure depending on what information is highlighted when taking the case history. The discerning homeopath can use constitution, psychology, causation or symptomatology as confirmatory symptoms when searching for the simillimum. A perfect totality, however, includes the exciting and fundamental causes, the characteristic signs and symptoms, and a clear analysis of constitutional factors. With these three vectors one can rest assured that one can remove both the cause and symptoms from the vital force thus restoring the true state of health.

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