Bulletin Boards Window on your Club, Part 2

Posted by Lloyd on December 13, 2011

More on background
Use fabric as the backing to your bulletin boards. Optimally, you will find a fabric in the same color as your decor. Fabrics of medium weight in cottons, linens and man-made materials are best. They recover from the pin and staple holes the best.

Play with fabric. If you are running a formal event, consider backing your board in a black moire silk (or polyester copy) and post the poster in the center with nothing else to distract the reader. You”ll get lots of “WOWs!” If you”re running a Valentine event, try backing in red satin, velvet or silk. For an intense cardiovascular or personal training program, try army fatigue or camouflage fabric. For pool programs, try royal blue crushed velvet — it looks like water.

Use other “fabrics” as well, like bubble wrap, wrinkled tissue paper, or corrugated cardboard. These provide interesting textures.

One trip to the discount fabric outlet and your imagination will soar. Hang fabric backing using the same technique described for paper, but be sure to tuck the ends under the frame and remember that fabric does not cut as easily as paper. You will find fabric in widths up to 104 inches wide, which may mean that you need not hang your backing in strips. Prices will vary greatly. Check the remnant racks for marked down samples that may fit your space and your budget. Remember that these fabrics can be reused after a quick wash.

Adding dimension
Use accessories/props to create a 3-D design. Make sure any objects you tack to the board are above a child”s reach level, and don”t use anything so valuable you”d miss it if it were taken. Some suggestions: How about monopoly money around a financial seminar poster? Fuzzy dice and/or playing cards for a Las Vegas night; silk, paper or tissue flowers for spring time posters and events; cotton puffs and fake icicles in winter; leaves in the fall; and suntan lotion, towels, sand or sunglasses in the summer.

Your staff can be creative and come up with the ideas. Be outlandish (without insulting people) and you”ll get lots of attention for your boards and programs. The children in your nursery can even make your designs — using noodles, paint, tissues, Crayons, etc. The parents will love it and everyone will pay attention.

Stationery stores and card stores feature large cardboard cutouts of holiday/seasonal designs that are meant to be hung on doors and around the house. You can use these pre-cut designs to spiff up your bulletin boards and/or decorate your facility. You”ll find everything from four-leaf clovers and Valentines, Santa Claus to the Easter Bunny.

The best thing about “props” is that they can be recycled. You can use them season to season and year to year; combining them in all different ways to create a different effect each time.

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