An Alternative Medicine Agency in our Government?

Posted by Lloyd on August 02, 2011
Chinese Medicine

Unknown to the public at large, the National Center For Complimentary and Alternative Medicine is an organized body of physicians, practitioners and scientists who search for better and healthier alternatives for us all.

Based in Bethesda, Maryland and funded by the Department of Health and Human Services it is a part of the National Institute of Health; the NCCAM keeps somewhat of a low profile. Fortunately for us all, they publish a quarterly newsletter that they will send upon request.

The following are recent topics from the last newsletter:
CAM Therapies can the Placebo Effect?
Research Funding.
Critical Cancer Questions.

To give you a tiny example, presently a CAM study will:

” …Explore whether PC SPES, a blend of eight herbs including chrysanthemum, licorice, and saw palmetto, can help treat prostate cancer. The study will be conducted in collaboration with a John Hopkins facility… .”

The country, Singapore, was chosen due to the low rate of prostate cancer there. It will: ” …examine whether taking PC SPES lowers study participants’ level of PSA, or prostate-specific antigen. PSA is found only in the blood streams of men, and high levels of PSA are associated with this form of cancer. ”

These are Forums of interest to all concerned with alternative and complimentary medicines and therapies. We urge you to contact them and join their mailing list.

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