Alternative Remedies What Are They

Posted by Lloyd on July 19, 2011
Chinese Medicine

If you’re interested in traditional Chinese medicine this introductory article may help decide whether it is a worthy alternative to Western medicine. It also points out that both combined may be better than used separately.

A consultation with a Holistic therapist varies in many ways from a consultation with a Western physician. As Holistic therapists we concentrate our efforts not so much on the patient’s present condition, but on the underlying cause of those symptoms. These are explored in our experience by a consultation that may take over an hour and in our personal practice using the diagnostic methodology of traditional Chinese medicine.

It is only after a thorough evaluation that a therapist should suggest what form of natural therapy would be more than likely the most effective in the particular case.

Chinese medicine has been developed over centuries with the specific goal of assisting people in the maintenance of their own health by making appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes.

An effective and proven herbal system has also been developed. While Western medicine has little to offer to address the underlying system imbalances, Chinese herbal formulas combine many herbs to enhance benefits and regulate effects. For thousands of years this approach has integrated and refined the properties of many herbs. This is in contrast to the Western herbal approach that uses herbs according to their specific properties.

Does it Really Work?

With regard to traditional Chinese medicine, there are strong pieces of evidence suggesting that it is a viable means of treatment. Clinical studies have been carried out by large-scale hospital trials involving hundreds of patients. The results of the studies clearly indicate that many diseases that fail to respond satisfactorily to modern drugs and treatments often respond to herbal therapy.

Can Modern and Chinese Medicine Be Combined?

Not only can the two systems of medicine be combined, they can enhance each other’s effects.
Chinese medicine may also make it possible for patients to take lower dosages of modern medicines, to reduce their side effects and to obtain overall better results.

We are on the brink of an exciting new era in health care, and using an integrated approach, combining various forms of medicine, is the medicine of the future for anyone who wants to take responsibility for their own health.

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