A Leg Up On the Water

Posted by Lloyd on March 02, 2012
Water Sports

If you slalom or wakeboard, strong thighs are a must. Because your legs are in an unnatural position, they are forced to work harder than usual. Strong quadriceps are less likely to cramp or fatigue. Your gluteals get a new workout as you turn and twist your body in this unusual stance. Squats are an essential exercise for strong quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

Prunty advises skiers to stretch their muscles before and after hitting the water. As with any other physical activity, you should also begin with a warm-up. Regular cardiovascular workouts will increase your water skiing ability by expanding your endurance. Because water skiing can be demanding on your knees, try to avoid high-impact activities such as running or jumping rope.

Also, by adding anaerobic bursts to your cardio workouts, you will prepare your body for the type of workout you experience when doing jumps and tricks while skiing.

Your efforts to get in shape to hit the wake will pay off in both your ability to enjoy the sport and in your performance – particularly when you can walk away from the water with a smile on your face and not a hand on your lower back!

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