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Prevent Injuries in Novice Kickboxers

Posted by Lloyd on March 27, 2012
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Kickboxing is probably one of the most popular group exercise classes you have at your fitness facility, but some of the moves may be too advanced for beginning members, leaving them at risk for injury. In traditional martial arts studios, kickboxing is taught in slow, gradual levels, and students develop their skills in strength, balance, speed, flexibility and coordination over time. In health clubs, kickboxing classes are generally fast-paced and focused on aerobic training to burn calories. Continue reading…

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What to Do When An Allergic Person Gets Stung

Posted by Lloyd on March 15, 2012
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By the time we reach adulthood we’ve probably all been stung a few times and have a good idea of what to expect. But to the uninitiated — such as children and others who haven’t been stung before — it’s important to watch for signs of a severe allergic reaction. If you see them, act! Continue reading…

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Challenging a Gifted Child

Posted by Lloyd on March 13, 2012
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How should I approach my son’s third-grade teacher to try to enlist her help in making math a more challenging subject for him?

Most gifted children figure out what we call the “basic skills” with very little effort. They often require only a limited amount of drill and practice, whereas many other children require more classroom time to review the basics before new concepts are introduced. Continue reading…

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A Leg Up On the Water

Posted by Lloyd on March 02, 2012
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If you slalom or wakeboard, strong thighs are a must. Because your legs are in an unnatural position, they are forced to work harder than usual. Strong quadriceps are less likely to cramp or fatigue. Your gluteals get a new workout as you turn and twist your body in this unusual stance. Squats are an essential exercise for strong quadriceps and gluteal muscles. Continue reading…

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In Disasters People Stay Calm, Help Others

Posted by Lloyd on March 02, 2012
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When disaster strikes, people usually react in a calm and reasoned way, Johns Hopkins University researchers report. This means, they say, that untrained men and women can play a vital role in responding to any disaster, including a bioterrorist attack.

Continue reading…

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