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Have I Got A Surprise For You

Posted by Lloyd on March 30, 2010
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Boy, have I got a surprise for you! Does hearing this statement make you cringe, panic or feel like doing handsprings? The way you choose to react to happenings, including surprises may make a big difference in your health and wellness picture.

How do you react when you hear your spouse or friend say “have I got a surprise for you?” Depending on how the statement is made you can believe the surprise will be something you will enjoy or something that will upset you.

It is your emotional and mental processes that allow you to decide how you prepare for the announcement of the surprise. If you believe it to be a good surprise, you will be relaxed and ready to be in receipt of the news.
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A Life of Roses

Posted by Lloyd on March 10, 2010
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I had it all sewn up. Everything was just perfect. All my dreams were fulfilled. My life was just as I had planned; God was in his heaven and I was in total control. I was truly living in a bed of roses blessed of God. But, then I came face to face with the fact that beautiful roses have horrible thorns.

Wonderful Christian parents reared me. My dad was a minister and he and my mother were living examples of what it meant to be Christ-like. I never heard harsh words between them, no punches were ever thrown, and my life at home was wonderful. Continue reading…

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