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Drugs and Interactions
Interventions During Birth
Natural Parenting
Rights and Responsibilities


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Birth Top
Hypnobirthing® - Peter Jackson - Midwife  
Leaving well alone: A natural approach to the third stage of labour - Shivam Rachana  
Lotus Birth - A Ritual for our times - Sarah J. Buckley  
Pain in Labour: your hormones are your helpers - Dr Sarah Buckley  
Planning for Pregnancy: Pre-conception Care - Jane Palmer  
Breastfeeding Top
The Art of Breastfeeding - April from Breastfeeding Matters  
Breast-fed Babies Have Higher IQ's - Elaine Cooper  
Breastfeeding and Guilt - Dr. Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC  
Cost Benefits of Breastfeeding - Karen M. Zeretzke, MEd, IBCLC  
Formula for Profit: How Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes Undermines the Health of Babies - Jennifer Coburn  
How to Make Breastfeeding Difficult - Linda J. Smith, BSE, FACCE, IBCLC  
Nursing a Baby in Public: What is a Mother to Do? - Rebecca Prewett  
The Pleasure of Extended Breastfeeding - Dr Sarah Buckley  
Some Breastfeeding Myths  
Supporting our babies, showing our breasts - Dr Sarah Buckley  
Top Ten Reasons for NOT Using a Pacifier  
Cesarean/ VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) Top
Cesarean Section - A Brief History - By Jane Eliot Sewell, Ph.D. for The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in cooperation with the National Library of Medicine  
The Risks of Cesarean Delivery to Mother and Baby - A CIMS fact Sheet  
Birth After Cesarean: A Primer for Success - Diana Korte  
Cesarean Fact Sheet - ICEA Cesarean Options Committee  
What About Uterine Scar Ruptures? - Nicette Jukelevics, MA, ICCE  
Circumcision Top
Newborns: Care of the Uncircumcised Penis - American Academy of Pediatrics  
From Ritual to Science: The Medical Transformation of Circumsicion in America - David L. Gollaher / California Health Care Institiute  
Circumcision Defined - Encyclopedia Americana 1984  
Circumcision... My Position - Mark D. Reiss, MD  
The Case Against Circumcision - Paul M. Fleiss  
Neonatal Circumcision Reconsidered - John Rhinehart  
Daddy, Why is Your Penis Different From Mine? - Dick Gilkeson  
Circumcision: Human Rights and Ethical Medical Practice - James W. Prescott et. al.  
The Ideal Prepuce in Ancient Greece and Rome: Male Genital Aesthetics and Their Relation to Lipdermos, Circumcision, Foreskin Restoration, and the Kynodesme - Frederick M. Hodges  
Protect Your Uncircumcised Son: Expert Medical Advice for Parents - Paul M. Fleiss  
Circumcision: Male Effects Upon Human Sexuality - Vern L. Bullough  
Similarities in Attitudes and Misconceptions toward Infant Male Circumcision in North America and Ritual Female Genital Mutilation in Africa - Hanny Lightfoot-Klein  
Unnecessary Circumcision - George C. Denniston, MD, MPH  
Drugs and Interactions Top
FDA APPROVED OBSTETRICS DRUGS: THEIR EFFECTS ON MOTHER AND BABY - Doris Haire, President, American Foundation for Maternal and Child Health and Chair, Committee on Maternal and Child Health, National Women's Health Alliance  
Homebirth Top
Homebirth: Home is where the heart is - Sarah Buckley  
There's no Place Like Home: The advantages and joys of giving birth where you live- Pam England  
Why Homebirth? - Pat Jones, CNM  
Interventions During Birth Top
All About Epidurals - Sara Buckley  
Miscarriage Top
Natural Parenting Top
Attachment Parenting - Dr Sarah Buckley  
The Cosiness of Co sleeping - Dr Sarah Buckley  
Caring for Cloth Diapers - Robin at Duzins  
Getting a Good Night's Sleep: another perspective - Dr. Sarah Buckley  
How to get your child to beg to go to bed! - Margaret Saunders  
Mothering, mindfulness and a baby’s bottom - Sarah J Buckley  
So, what do you do? - Karen Houghton  
Toilet Train Today … How To Toilet Train Your Child In Just One Day!!! - by Margaret Saunders  
When Baby Makes Three - Jill Curtis  
Rights and Responsibilities Top
10 Valuable Things Anyone Can Do To Truly Encourage Parents to Empower Themselves During Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond - Laura Morgan  
The Rights of Childbearing Women - Maternity Center Association  
Waterbirth Top
Laboring in Water Helpful for Dystocia - Laurie Barclay, MD  
Water Immersion During Labor and/or Birth: A Review of the Literature - Traci Elliff, CNM  
Taking the Plunge: Reevaluating Waterbirth Temperature Guidelines - Barbara Harper  
Waterbirth Basics: From Newborn Breathing to Hospital Protocols - Barbara Harper  
Water during labour and birth -Jane Palmer  


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