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Baby Supplies
Baby Bunz & Co. - We are select importers for Nikky and have expanded our special collection of baby basics. Our additional offerings include a beautiful new line of organic cotton softwear and toys, and a wider selection of diapering products. Whenever possible, we've added items that are organic or made of natural, unbleached 'green' cotton.  
Baby Nut - Babynut offers a unique assortment of natural & alternative products to support pregnancy, adoption, natural childbirth, parenting, babies & toddlers. We celebrate all kinds of families & believe strongly in the importance of the first three years of a child's life.  
Birth Advocates Top
Gloria Lemay - Birth Freedom is an idea whose time has come...  
Henci Goer - Henci Goer specializes in birth issues.  
Ina May Gaskin - Author, Activist, Innovator...  
Jeannine Parvati Baker - This web site explores and affirms the value of Conscious Conception, Prenatal Yoga, Free Birth, Gentle Parenting, Home Education, Home Business, Herbal Health, Gender Balance, Eco-Activism, EarthBirth and much more.  
Sheila Kitzinger - Here you can explore aspects of birth, drawing on things that Sheila has learned from women around the world and her research as a social anthropologist into women's experiences of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.  
Susun Weed - Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way ~ 500+ Pages of Alternative Health Resources for Women  
Breastfeeding Top
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers - It is our aim to promote the physical and psychological health of mothers and children through education in the techniques of breastfeeding, and to advance the education of the public, especially those persons concerned with the care of children, on the health benefits of breastfeeding, both immediate and long-term.  
Baby Milk Action - a non-profit organisation which aims to save lives and to end the avoidable suffering caused by inappropriate infant feeding. - All about breastfeeding. Why breastfeeding is best for you, your baby and the planet.  
Got Mom? - was created by the American College of Nurse-Midwives to provide breastfeeding information and resources for mothers and families.  
International Lactation Consultant Association - To advance the lactation consultant profession through leadership, advocacy, professional development, and research.  
La Leche League - The La Leche League International mission is: To help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.  
WABA - World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action: to ensure that all health and other relevant sectors protect, promote and support exclusive breastfeeding for six months and continued breastfeeding up to two years of age or beyond, while providing women access to the support that they require – in the family, the community and the workplace – to achieve this goal  
Cesarean Top
Birthrights:Healing After Cesarean - aims to provide a support network for women who've had a previous c/section(s), and to increase the awareness of these women's needs to their health-carers within the medical profession.  
International Cesarean Awareness Network - (ICAN) is a nonprofit organization founded by Esther Booth Zorn in 1982. ICAN's mission is to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, providing support for cesarean recovery, and promoting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). - This website provides childbearing women and maternity care professionals access to research-based information, resources, continuing education and support for VBAC* (vaginal birth after cesarean).  
Circumcision Top
Boys Too - organization dedicated to providing information for professionals, policy makers and officials concerned about the welfare of children as well as the general public. It represents the efforts of individuals and groups who are working to end the genital harming of infants and children for commercial, cultural and social reasons.  
Circumcision Resource Center - a nonprofit educational organization with the purpose of informing the public and professionals about the practice of circumcision. Our mission is to raise awareness and facilitate healing. - Dedicated to making a safer world, NOCIRC is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization committed to securing the birthright of male, female, and intersex children and babies to keep their sex organs intact.  
NOHARM - National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males  
Health Information Top
Motherisk Online -Your source for evidence-based information about the safety or risk of drugs, chemicals and disease during pregnancy and lactation.  
OTIS - (Organization of Teratology Information Services) Teratology Information Services (TIS) are comprehensive and multidisciplinary resources for medical consultation on prenatal exposures. TIS interpret information regarding known and potential reproductive risks into risk assessments that are communicated to individuals of reproductive age and health care providers.  
The Visible Embryo - navigate through the 40 weeks of pregnancy and preview the unique changes in each stage of human development.  
Susan Weed - Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way ~ 450+ Pages of Alternative Health Resources for Women  
Natural Birth Top
Birth Love - At BirthLove!- find everything the empowered, enlightened woman needs to know about pregnancy, birth and beyond.  
Birthing The Future - (Suzanne Arms) We focus upon what is ideal for mothers and babies that will promote their physical, psychological and spiritual well-being and the development of their full potential - We are the web's leading, and easiest to use, directory of natural birth related service providers.  
Birthworks - (Michel Odent, MD) - Birth Works® embodies the philosophy of developing a woman's self confidence, trust and faith in her ability to give birth.  
Coalition for Improving Maternity Services - Established in 1996, the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) is a collaborative effort of numerous individuals and more than 50 organizations representing over 90,000 members. Our mission is to promote a wellness model of maternity care that will improve birth outcomes and substantially reduce costs.  
Ecomother - quick access to the best pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, health and fitness information and products.  
Freestone Innerprizes - This web site explores and affirms the value of Conscious Conception, Prenatal Yoga, Free Birth, Gentle Parenting, Home Education, Home Business, Herbal Health, Gender Balance, Eco-Activism, EarthBirth and much more.  
Home Birth Reference Site - The aim of this site is not to persuade you to choose home birth. What I would like to do instead is to provide information about home birth, for parents who think that it might be the right choice for them, and for health professionals looking for facts and ideas.  
Lamaze International - The mission of Lamaze International is to promote, support and protect normal birth through education and advocacy. We envision for the future a world of confident women choosing normal birth. Lamaze International believes that women who are fully informed, confident and supported will want normal birth. Lamaze International believes that caregivers should respect the birth process and not intervene without compelling medical indication.  
National Women's Health Alliance - The National Women's Health Alliance (NWHA) is dedicated to providing women with important information about their health care. Its purpose is to enable women to make meaningful choices on medical procedures and devices, over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, physicians and health care providers.  
Maternity Center Association - Maternity Wise is the Maternity Center Association's long-term national program to promote evidence-based maternity care.  
National Association of Childbearing Centers - NACC is dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of childbearing/birth centers which recognize the rights of healthy women and their families, in all communities, to birth their children in an environment which is safe, sensitive and economical with minimal intervention.  
Organizations Top
ACNM (American College of Nurse Midwives) - The mission of ACNM is to promote the health and well-being of women and infants within their families and communities through the development and support of the profession of midwifery as practiced by certified nurse-midwives, and certified midwives. The philosophy inherent in the profession states that nurse-midwives believe every individual has the right to safe, satisfying health care with respect for human dignity and cultural variations.  
ALACE (Assoc. of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators) - Knowledgeable childbirth educators and labor assistants/birth doulas can do a great deal to provide pregnant women with information and practical alternatives so that they may give birth with confidence, strength and joy. Laboring women who feel confident and supported are much more likely to achieve satisfying outcomes than are women without such support.  
AOM (Association of Ontario Midwives) - The Association of Ontario Midwives is the professional body representing midwives and the practice of midwifery in the province of Ontario.  
CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) - CAPPA is a non-profit international organization that was founded in 1998 to offer the highest level of professional membership and training to childbirth educators, lactation educators, labor doulas, antepartum doulas and postpartum doulas. CAPPA offers the highest level of evidence based training available.  
CFM (Citizens for Midwifery) - the only national consumer-based group promoting the Midwives Model of Care! CfM works to provide information and resources that promote the local midwife, as well as midwives and midwifery care across the country!  
DONA (Doulas of North America) - an international association of doulas who are trained to provide the highest quality emotional, physical and educational support to women and their families during childbirth and postpartum.  
ICEA (International Childbirth Education Assoc) - ICEA is an organization of over 4,000 members from throughout the United States and 42 countries who believe in freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives in family-centered maternity and newborn care.  
ICM (International Confederation of Midwives) - The International Confederation of Midwives is an international non-governmental organisation that unites 85 national midwives’ associations from over 75 countries. It both represents and brings together the midwives of the world.  
MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) - The mission of MANA is to provide a nurturing forum for support and cooperation among midwives.  
MAWS (Midwives Assoc of Washington State) - providing resources, referrals, and information for expecting mothers and midwives  
MEAC (Midwifery Education Accreditation Council) - The Midwifery Education Accreditation Council’s mission is to promote quality education in midwifery through accreditation.  
MIDIRS (Midwifery Information & Resource Services) - an educational charity (not-for-profit organisation) set up in 1985 and our mission is 'To be the central source of information relating to childbirth and to disseminate this information to midwives and others.  
NARM (North American Registry of Midwives) - an international certification agency whose mission is to establish and administer certification for the credential "Certified Professional Midwife" (CPM).  
Parenting Top
Diaper Free - your comprehensive resource for Natural Infant Hygiene, also known as Elimination Communication. Natural Infant Hygiene is the gentle and compassionate practice of caring for a baby's elimination needs from infancy.  
Elimination Communication Information Station - dedicated to information on raising your children without diapers in industrialized culture.  
Family Onwards - the Jill Curtis helpsite for parents and grandparents  
Infant Potty Training - The TRICKLE TREAT method is a delightful and satisfying (nearly) diaperless technique to keep your baby clean and dry 24 hours a day--at first with your assistance, and then completely on his/her own.  
Postpartum Top
Depression After Delivery - is a national, nonprofit organization which provides support for women with antepartum and postpartum disorders (PPD). Its focus includes education, information, support groups, telephone support and professional referral for women & families coping with mental health issues associated with childbearing, both during pregnancy and postpartum.  
National Association of Postpartum Care Services - an association of national and international professionals promoting the focus and interests of postpartum caregivers (called doulas). NAPCS recognizes that childbirth is just the beginning of a period of enormous change and adjustment (physical, emotional, and practical) for the new mother, the new family, and the new baby.  
Postpartum Support International - PSI is an international network which focuses on postpartum mental health and social support.  
Professional Birth Training Top
Childbirth Enhancement Foundation - The Childbirth Enhancement Foundation (CEF) is a nonprofit organization who is dedicated to education, enhancement, and wellness during the childbearing years. CEF specializes in community and hospital based childbirth assistant/doula programs, providing certified childbirth assistants to those who desire to have a positive birth experience. In addition to our consumer services, CEF offers one of the most comprehensive training and certification programs for childbirth assistants/doulas in the nation.  
Childbirth International - We provide comprehensive training programs for doulas and childbirth educators all over the world.  
International Lactation Consultant Association - To advance the lactation consultant profession through leadership, advocacy, professional development, and research.  
Publications Top
Compleat Mother - The Magazine of Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding  
Midwifery Today - Born of the need for a unifying force in the midwifery movement, Midwifery Today magazine has been supporting, encouraging and educating midwives and other birth practitioners since 1987. Midwifery Today, Inc. is committed to promoting safe, healthy and happy outcomes for mothers and babies, and believes that the midwifery model of non-interventive, preventive care should be the standard of care throughout the world.  
Mothering Magazine - Mothering celebrates the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and fosters awareness of the immense importance and value of parenthood and family life in the development of the full human potential. As a readers' magazine, we recognize parents as the experts and wish to provide truly helpful information upon which parents can base informed choices.  
Self-Attended (Unattended/Unassisted) Childbirth Top
Bornfree - a site dedicated to the belief that women are the true experts of birth. Drugs, machinery, and medical personnel are no match for a woman's own intellect and intuition.  
Freebirth - Unassisted Birth Web Ring  
Freestone Innerprizes - This web site explores and affirms the value of Conscious Conception, Prenatal Yoga, Free Birth, Gentle Parenting, Home Education, Home Business, Herbal Health, Gender Balance, Eco-Activism, EarthBirth and much more.  
Natural Family Co. - the organizer of The 2nd international Husband/Wife Homebirth Conference. This site has been set up to distribute the on line video version of the conference, as well as link to great sites to help families in their preparations for an unassisted birth.  
The Power of Pleasurable Childbirth - The Power of Pleasurable Childbirth is for the sensible and open minded (some readers may balk at the idea of childbirth without medical attendants), but parents-to-be and childbirth buffs alike will find a deep well of insight and encouragement in this veritable gold-mine.  
Unassisted Homebirth - In addition to unassisted homebirth, you will find more unconventional and unusual ideas here: unassisted miscarriage, unschooling, and even unassisted death.  
Unassisted Homebirth for Fathers - A page devoted to Fathers and Birth. In particular- Unassisted Homebirth!  
Vaccinations Top
Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety - Educate before you vaccinate! What's in a Shot?..  
Waterbirth Top
Waterbirth International - Founded in 1988, Waterbirth International was created to facilitate maternity care reform by helping parents and practitioners institute policies for the use of warm water immersion during labor.  
Waterbirth Information - provides in-depth information on the use of water for labor, childbirth, and early childhood development.  


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