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Issue 4/2 Spring 2004


Birthing began as my desire to get together a resource list of alternative birth practitioners to distribute to birthing families in my community (Bellingham, WA). My second homebirth baby was just four months old when the first issue came out in November of 2000. It debuted with a printing of 100 issues, copied myself at Kinkos on colorful 11"x17" paper with children in tow. I distributed it mostly on foot to the local midwives and the Community Food Co-op. For the next three issues I continued my Kinko's routine, printing 150 each issue. I was getting a great response and found a printer that would copy them for me at a better price. The printings went up to 200! Each issue I would bring home a box of newsletters-to-be and enroll anyone I could to help me collate and fold them. Then out they would go, into the community. Finally, I realized that I needed a better printing method. The newsletter couldn't get much bigger in its current format and I needed to print more. Winter issue 3/1 I took the plunge and upgraded to newsprint. It was exciting to see the newsletter turning into a real paper. I printed 1,500 of that issue and 3,000 of the next. Distribution expanded into the four northern counties and as of the last issue I actually hired a distributor! So check out the current issue and enjoy the back issues too, I certainly do.

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